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Electrician Decodes What It Means to Be a BICSI-Certified RCDD April 12, 2018

Fort Dodge, Webster
Electrician Decodes What It Means to Be a BICSI-Certified RCDD, Fort Dodge, Iowa

Most commercial buildings utilize a wireless network, computer networks, and servers to keep business moving at a fast pace. Since most business owners are not also IT technicians, they require the help of an electrician or electrical engineer to keep their systems running efficiently. Seeking out an electrician who can optimize your network capabilities starts with finding a contractor in the area who is a BICSI-Certified RCDD. In Fort Dodge, IA, that contractor is Bemrich Electric and Telephonewho proudly holds this title and is ready to break down its cryptic meaning. 

What Is a BICSI-Certified RCDD?


RCDD is shorthand for the term “Registered Communications Distribution Designer.” While this may seem jumbled, it simply refers to an electrician or IT expert who can design an intricate cabling system for a new building or incorporate the same design into an existing infrastructure. A reputable RCDD follows a project from start to finish, as they will evaluate how the system will hold up over time, ensure that the design is installed correctly, and sign off on legal documents stating that the system is safe. 


electricianBICSI stands for Building Industry Consulting Service International—a service that helps electricians, cabling contractors, electrical engineers, manufacturers, and system integrators to thoroughly learn information technology systems so that they can help implement them in office buildings around the world. According to BISCI, “BICSI provides information, education, and knowledge assessments for individuals and companies in the ITS industry. BICSI staff and volunteers assist ITS professionals in delivering critical products and services, and offer opportunities for continual improvement and enhanced professional stature.”

Essentially, to be a BICSI-certified RCDD means that you have satisfied the educational standard for IT and electrical professionals. 

If you’re in the market for a BICSI-certified electrician in Fort Dodge, IA, don’t waste another minute before calling Bemrich Electric. Each team member is fully qualified to handle VOIP systems, Wi-Fi, computer repair and even electrician services. For more information on how they can assist you, reach out online or at (515) 955-3257.

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