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A Glimpse at Depth Perception & Vision According to Fairbank's Top Eye Doctor April 12, 2018

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A Glimpse at Depth Perception & Vision According to Fairbank's Top Eye Doctor, Fairbanks North Star, Alaska

One important function of your vision is to accurately judge distances between objects, which is known as depth perception. When issues with depth perception arise people can experience difficulty in a number of areas, including driving, playing sports, and reading. As a trusted Fairbanks, AK, eye doctor, Virginia Ramsey Lind, OD can answer questions related to depth perception, including why it’s vital to your vision and why problems may occur.

Eye Doctor on Depth Perception & Your Vision

1. What Is Depth Perception?

Establishing the distance between items and seeing the world in three dimensions is known as depth perception. One or both eyes can judge distances by picking up on depth cues. Monocular cues are used when determining distance with one eye, while binocular cues apply when looking with both eyes. There are also inferred cues, which is when monocular and binocular are used to judge differences.

2. How Do Eyes Determine Distance?

eye doctorWhen facing something head on and moving your head from side to side, the object will move but background objects will not, which is known as moving parallax. Close up objects are viewed using stereo vision, meaning that each eye is receiving a different image of that object. These differences can translate into info regarding distance. Your brain will also store information on the size of objects viewed in the past, and use this information to calculate the size of the object on your retina.

3. What Causes Poor Depth Perception?

Trouble with depth perception typically occurs as a result of an eye condition. Crossed eyes or strabismus is a misalignment of the eyes that may make it difficult to accurately judge distances. Depth perception can also be affected by the presence of a lazy eye, which occurs when signals from the brain to the eye are not being received. If you think you have poor depth perception, schedule an eye exam as soon as possible to pinpoint the cause.

With more than three decades of experience, Virginia Ramsey Lind, OD has provided optimum vision care to Fairbanks patients. Whether you’re concerned about preserving your vision or are in search of a new pair of prescriptions glasses, her office is ready to assist you. Schedule an appointment with the eye doctor today by calling (907) 456-8028. You can also make use of the convenient online contact form to get more information.

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