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5 Pieces of Safety Gear for Working With Lumber April 16, 2018

Port Jervis, Orange
5 Pieces of Safety Gear for Working With Lumber , Port Jervis, New York

When working with lumber, safety is a priority. While you may know important safety tips for wood and woodcutting equipment, wearing the right clothing and safety equipment will protect you and reduce the risk of serious injury.

How to Stay Safe When Working With Lumber


Make sure your skin is covered, and choose long-sleeved shirts and long pants. Never wear loose clothing when using power tools and equipment; it can easily catch and become tangled in gears, blades, and other areas. Invest in steel-toed work boots to protect your feet and never wear sandals. For an extra layer of security, cover your body with a shop apron.

Safety Glasses

Impact-resistant safety glasses that feature side screens will protect your eyes from lumber dust and debris. Eye protection is important whenever using power tools, especially if particles are launched into the air during the process.

Face Shield

For extra protection, especially when using machines that cause chunks of debris to spray, wear a face shield. Worn together with your safety glasses, this gear protects your whole face to ensure complete coverage while you work.

Ear Muffs or Plugs

Power tools and equipment can be quite loud. Protect your hearing with ear plugs or muffs. Plugs come in expandable varieties while muffs offer more surface area protection. Either choice will reduce your risk of hearing loss from loud machinery.


For tools and machines that produce excess dust like sanders or for processes that utilize chemicals like paint, cover your face with a mask and consider using a respirator to reduce inhaling harmful fumes.


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