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Why Your Paint Color Swatch May Look Different on Your Walls April 13, 2018

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Why Your Paint Color Swatch May Look Different on Your Walls, Ossining, New York

Interior painting is a common and affordable renovation project. However, it can be frustrating when the color you choose from a swatch doesn't look the same on the walls. To help prevent this from happening to you, CET Painting, a top painting contractor in Ossining, NY, shares a few tips for getting an accurate read on how the color will look before it’s applied to your interior.

Test Under Different Lighting

While picking out different swatches, you are only looking at them under a single lighting option. In the homeware store, fluorescent bulbs will make the colors pop. However, they also slightly adjust the true shade. That’s why it’s important to first test out the paint under a variety of lighting conditions.

Take the swatches outside and inspect them against natural sun rays. Next, put them under incandescent bulbs, halogen, and LED. According to the color of each light, your shade will appear either more yellow or more blue. The next step is to understand the lighting in your room. If it hosts several windows and offers a great deal of natural light, the color swatch will look different out of the shop.

Use the Right Coats

painting contractorDepending on the brand chosen, you may require several coats of paint before achieving your preferred shade. A dense, highly pigmented tone will need less, for example, than something more sheer and light. Consult a professional painting contractor on how many layers you will need.

Likewise, ask about applying finishes. Different finishes can affect the color overall. A flat top layer is more likely to absorb light, making the tone appear lighter. On the other hand, a semigloss or gloss finish does the opposite, making the walls seem darker.

Keep these tips in mind to achieve your desired color. If you need professional help, contact CET Painting. For over 10 years, this painting contractor has provided exceptional services for residential and commercial customers alike. They also offer free estimates and color consultations. For more information, visit their website or call (914) 615-1415 to make an appointment with a painting contractor.

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