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How to Perform Faucet Repair April 11, 2018

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How to Perform Faucet Repair, Ontario, New York

Dripping fixtures aren’t just a nuisance; household leaks are responsible for approximately 10,000 gallons of wasted water every year. If your home has sprung a leak, call a professional for faucet repair. Leaky faucets may be a sign of more serious underlying plumbing problems; if not properly fixed, they can cost you hundreds of dollars in utility bills and interior damage.

Plumber’s Guide to Faucet Repair

Find the Source

Identify where wasted water is coming from to stop the leak at its source. Make sure no water is being used in or outside your home for at least two hours and locate your water meter. If the meter moves, you probably have a leak. Also, check interior pipes and fixtures for signs of water coming out of the sides. Professional plumbers can pinpoint the reason for the leak and offer comprehensive solutions to prevent future problems.

Determine Your Faucet Type 

faucet repairMany homes have different types of faucets. A compression faucet has two handles for hot and cold. Ceramic-disk, cartridge, and ball faucets have a single swivel handle that you can rotate to your desired temperature. Remember to locate and turn off the water line before any work begins. Certain faucets have many parts and tricky mechanisms that require special tools to fix. A plumber can easily determine the type of fixtures in your home and seamlessly remove, replace, or repair worn out or broken parts.

Check the Work

Once your faucet has been reassembled, slowly turn on the water. Assess the flow; if it’s slow, the aerator — a part that helps control the flow of water — may be clogged with dirt or debris. If this is the case, your plumbing professional will clean out the aerator to remove limescale or mineral buildup to ensure a steady, efficient stream.


If you have a leak, get faucet repair from John Lockwood Plumbing in Ontario, NY. Their team of professionals can quickly diagnose and solve your plumbing problems to ensure your fixtures are working properly. They also offer a range of eco-friendly and energy-efficient solutions to reduce your utility bills and environmental impact. For more information on their available plumbing repair services visit them online or call (585) 265-0736.

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