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5 Ways a Family Law Attorney Can Help During Your Divorce April 11, 2018

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5 Ways a Family Law Attorney Can Help During Your Divorce, Rochester, New York

As any family law attorney will tell you, even the most amiable divorce can hit hurdles. Having a lawyer on your side from the start can help ease the process. A smooth divorce is in the interests of all involved; The sooner the proceedings are complete, the sooner your family can move into the future.

5 Advantages Offered By a Family Law Attorney

1. Handle Paperwork

attorneyDivorce requires paperwork and supporting documents to be correctly and promptly filed. A family law attorney will know which forms to fill out and where to submit them, ensuring an efficient and smooth process.

2. Mediate Disagreements

Odds are you and your soon-to-be ex won’t agree on every aspect of the divorce — such as who gets to keep the family house or car. Having an objective third party on hand to mediate can help you come to an agreement.

3. Protect Your Interests

Even if your divorce is amicable, it’s smart to have a lawyer by your side every step of the way. Their role is to serve your interests, whether it’s a question of child custody, spousal support, or the division of assets.

4. Avoid Delays

Once you have decided on a divorce, you will want to get the process over with quickly. By helping you avoid mistakes in your paperwork, your lawyer will ensure everything stays on track. Errors can delay the court’s ruling.

5. Relieve Stress

Divorce is never an easy process. By allowing your family law attorney to handle tough tasks like paperwork and mediation, you can avoid added stress. Take the time to focus on the future ahead and taking care of yourself and your children.


Choosing to divorce your spouse is a difficult decision, and it shouldn’t be made harder with a messy process; find a lawyer you can trust. With over 57 years of experience, Elliott Stern & Calabrese in Rochester, NY, have the expertise needed to handle your divorce. Known for their trustworthy and honest service, you can trust their family law attorneys to support you. Find out more about this locally owned law firm’s diverse areas of expertise, from bankruptcy to personal injury law, online. For an appointment, call (585) 232-4724.

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