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3 Tantalizing Appetizers to Try at a Thai Restaurant April 24, 2018

Wailuku Ahupua`a, Kahului
3 Tantalizing Appetizers to Try at a Thai Restaurant , Kahului, Hawaii

Asian food as an umbrella term covers a wide range of cultures, but one of that shouldn’t be missed is Thai cuisine. The unique mix of savory spices and fresh herbs combine for mouthwatering dishes you’ll want any day of the week. The best way to prepare for an entree at your favorite Thai restaurant? Thai appetizers! Whether you prefer to start your meal with something sweet, salty, or spicy, you can find an appetizer that will tease your taste buds for the flavors to follow. 

3 Must-Try Appetizers at Your Local Thai Restaurant

1. Fresh Summer Rolls

thai restaurantAs spring comes into full effect, diners are looking for a lighter, fresher way to begin their meals. At a Thai restaurant, choose fresh summer rolls. Lettuce, cilantro, carrots, bean sprouts, cucumber, mint leaves, somen, and shrimp are all wrapped up into one convenient bite. 

2. Crab Rangoon

Craving something a bit saltier with an added crunch? Indulge in crab rangoons. A delicately fried pocket of dough containing fresh crab meat and cream cheese is finished with green onion and a sweet and sour sauce. This dish is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. 

3. Satay

For the barbecue lover, satay is the ideal introduction to a Thai feast. Choose from chicken tenders, hearty beef, or fresh-caught shrimp spit on bamboo skewers, marinated in a mixture of Thai spices, and grilled to perfection. Think it can’t get any better than tender meat on a stick? Add a side of peanut sauce, a sweet and salty dip that accentuates the flavors of this savory snack.


The next time you’re hit with an insatiable craving for Thai food in Kahului, HI, visit Thailand Cuisine 2. This local Thai restaurant combines fresh ingredients and bright flavors to offer delectable options for vegetarians and meat-lovers alike. For more menu suggestions, visit them online or call (808) 873-0225.

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