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Buffalo Wild Wings, College Point's go-to spot for beer, sports and wings. Watch your favorite sports on wall to wall flatscreens while enjoying beers from around the world.

Why Buffalo Wild Wings Is Perfect for Small Children April 11, 2018

College Point, Queens
Why Buffalo Wild Wings Is Perfect for Small Children, Queens, New York

Although they're best known for serving tasty beer and wings and televising a multitude of major sporting events, Buffalo Wild Wings is more than just a local sports bar. It's also a family-oriented restaurant that has a menu and atmosphere catering to young kids. Here, they explain why you should bring the kids to your next outing at this restaurant. 

Classic Dishes for All Taste Buds

Buffalo Wild Wings offers an extensive kids menu with enough options to satisfy a range of diets. Kids menu options include traditional and boneless wings, cheeseburgers, mac and cheese, and mini corn dogs. These meals are customizable, so your kids can, for example, have their choice of sides and beverages. You may want to check out their guide on nutritional and allergy information before ordering.

wingsFortunately, there’s more this classic American restaurant can offer children outside the kids menu. Children can be picky eaters, and restaurants with unfamiliar dishes can make them uncomfortable. Buffalo Wild Wings offers classic American dishes most kids know and love. The restaurant has burgers, wraps, desserts, and other dishes they're sure to recognize. 

Great Family Outing

Taking the family out to a restaurant is a perfect way to get everyone out of the house. Spend a couple of hours bonding with your kids over delicious American fare. This is also an opportune time to teach your kids about proper restaurant etiquette, such as tipping and ordering. 

Since its inception in 1982, Buffalo Wild Wings has established itself as one of America's favorite restaurants. Renowned for its bar food, buffalo wings, and plethora of sauces, the sports bar’s many Connecticut locations, including in Stamford, Danbury, New Haven, and Milford, all offer a welcoming, family-friendly environment. Whether your kids like football, basketball, baseball, or women’s college sports, every location is sure to have a sporting event they can get excited about. Explore the menu now to find something your kids will love. 

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