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5 Essential Skills Children Learn at Day Care April 11, 2018

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5 Essential Skills Children Learn at Day Care, Brookline, Massachusetts

If you’re a working mom or dad, dropping little ones off at day care may be an emotional task. But your child can learn more than you realize while they’re there. With other kids their own age and expert teachers, they are gaining skills that they’ll use for the rest of their lives. 

What Children Learn at Day Care

1. Social Skills

In order to grow and develop their social skills, kids need to be with adults and peers alike. At day care, they can practice these interactions, learn how to share and be considerate, and develop their communication skills. These are all essential for them to know later in life, and the earlier they learn them, the better.

2. Motor Skills

Day CareBy playing with puzzles, balls, and other hands-on toys found at a child care center, little ones are also developing essential motor skills. With both organized activities and free play, your child will strengthen muscles, create muscle memory, and turn cognitive ideas into a practical understanding.

3. Discipline

With the necessary routine of a day care center, your child can also learn self-discipline. As they move from craft time to story time to nap time, they will grow to cheerfully listen to instructions.

4. Independence

Again, as much as you may want to spend the whole day with your kids, it’s healthy for them to gain independence. If they can adjust to the idea of being away from their parents at an early age, going to school, when the time comes, will be a breeze.

5. Colors, Letters, Numbers

Finally, while your child is in day care, they will receive the foundational building blocks of their education. Teachers will work with them as they learn their numbers, letters, and colors. When you enroll your child in one of these early childhood programs, they’ll be prepared for kindergarten.


Whether you’re looking for a great day care for your child or planning ahead for a new arrival, look no further than Tiny World Child Care in Brookline, MA. With a close-knit and expert community of professionals, they can help prepare your child for school and the challenges of life. Contact them today at (617) 232-0115 or visit their website to learn more.

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