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Are Tuxedo Kitchen Cabinets Right for Your Home? June 12, 2018

Poulsbo, Kitsap
Are Tuxedo Kitchen Cabinets Right for Your Home?, Poulsbo, Washington

If you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen or choosing new design concepts for the space, you might be overwhelmed by the endless options. It can help to stray from conventional ideas and consider looks that are slightly outside of the box, such as tuxedo custom cabinets. They are one of the most exciting interior design trends of the moment. But is it right for your space? Here’s what you should know.

A Guide to Tuxedo Custom Cabinets

What It Is

Although “tuxedo” implies that your custom cabinets are black and white, the name doesn’t refer to that color scheme. Instead, it means the cabinets are some blend of light and dark. To suit the tuxedo theme, the upper cabinets are one color and the lower ones another. The idea is to create visual intrigue without taking away from the uniformity and cohesiveness of the overall design.

How It Improves the Home

Poulsbo, WA kitchen cabinetsIf you currently have a traditional space furnished with simple wood kitchen cabinets, a tuxedo scheme could bring the dramatic change you want without too much effort. Incorporating tuxedo cabinetry also makes it easier to select a color palette since you can focus on two different shades instead of one. They also open up smaller spaces, especially if you use a lighter shade on top.

Why It Works

It doesn’t matter what type of cabinet you have—whether it’s a modern look or an old-fashioned shaker, it can fit this theme perfectly. Tuxedo cabinets also help other parts of the kitchen stand out by creating contrast. For example, an island in the center of the room furnished with dark cabinets will pop against a lighter background.


Does your kitchen need a little refresh? The interior design team at Kitsap Kitchen & Bath Co of Poulsbo, WA, will bring your vision to life. Ask about their custom cabinets and how you can incorporate two colors into your design plan. Visit their website for more information on their kitchen remodeling services or call (360) 697-5616 to set up an appointment with a member of their team.