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4 Roofing Problems Older Homes Are Likely to Have April 11, 2018

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4 Roofing Problems Older Homes Are Likely to Have, Jenks, Oklahoma

You may have found a great price on an older home, but before striking a deal, have the property inspected for roofing and other structural issues. Learning about existing problems with the roof will help you decide if the house is worth buying or not. Below are some common issues roofs in vintage homes are likely to have.

Roofing Issues in Older Homes

1. Aging Materials

Every roofing material has an average life span, beyond which it loses its strength and becomes vulnerable to damage. Find out when the structure was initially constructed and whether it has undergone replacement services since then. In general, it’s easy to spot an aging roof due to obvious signs of deterioration that appear over the years.

2. Missing or Compromised Shingles

RoofingA few shingles missing or broken here and there aren't generally an issue and can be fixed minor repairs. But if there’s a significant number of empty slots or compromised shingles, you may be looking at a costly roof replacement project. You can ask the seller to bear this expense as part of the house buying deal.

3. Ineffective Insulation

Visible damage to the exterior structure and underlayment can also take its toll on the insulation materials. This is likely to happen if the attic lacks any ventilation channels. As a result, the hot and humid air has no escape and ends up damaging the insulation layer. Before buying the property, have the attic checked for mold and damaged insulation.

4. Leak Issues

Over the years, a deteriorated and aging roof can develop numerous leak issues. These leaks are particularly detrimental as they expose construction elements to moisture and weaken their structural integrity. Additionally, humid indoor conditions create a conducive environment for animal, insect, and mold infestations.


When buying an older property, it's best to have the roofing checked out by experts in the field. Turn to the experienced team at Guaranteed Roofing to get their insights on the roof’s current state. These roofing contractors have served Jenks, Tulsa, Broken Arrow, OK, and the surrounding areas for more than 20 years. For further information about their roof replacement and repair services, call (918) 451-0119 or visit their website.

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