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Top 3 Contemporary Garage Door Designs for Your Home April 16, 2018

Williamsport, Lycoming
Top 3 Contemporary Garage Door Designs for Your Home, Williamsport, Pennsylvania

garage doors is an important security measure that protects your assets from theft, damage, and the natural elements. Over the years, this essential property feature has also developed a sense of curb appeal. If you have a garage, consider these contemporary designs to add a modern aesthetic to your home.

Garage Door Designs for the Modern Home

1. Aluminum

Durable, lightweight, and environmentally friendly, aluminum garage doors are perfect for modern homes. Their anticorrosive properties make them an excellent choice for areas that often experience inclement weather. The sleek design is complemented by light-filtering glass windows, which are a gorgeous addition to any property.

2. Insulated Steel

Insulated steel like Thermacore® is a modern choice that will last a lifetime. The layers of polyurethane steel in between each section’s seals keep temperatures comfortable in both hot and cold climates, helping you maintain lower energy bills. Insulated doors are also ideal for homeowners who store sensitive items in their garage that require temperature control.

3. Carriage-House Style

garage doorsCarriage-house style doors offer a unique look that enhances your curb appeal and attracts potential homebuyers if you ever decide to sell. Their elegant wooden design and durable structure bring a vintage charm into a modern landscape. They also come in a variety of painted and stained finishes, from traditional white to mahogany, allowing you to find a style that complements the rest of the exterior.  


When you want to modernize your home with one of these garage door styles, turn to Overhead Door Co. of Lycoming County, a division of Schrader Architectural Products. The Williamsport, PA, team will pinpoint the right materials for your project and execute the installation. Their steel, aluminum, wood, carriage-style, fiberglass, vinyl, and insulated garage doors will give your home a contemporary flair with energy-efficient features. For more information on their available products, visit them online or call The Genuine, The Original Overhead Door Company at (570) 326-4749.

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