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How Much Technology Should You Allow Children to Use? April 12, 2018

St. Charles, St. Charles
How Much Technology Should You Allow Children to Use?, St. Charles, Missouri

Technology has changed the way people of all ages interact with the world. Computers, TVs, and handheld devices provide opportunities for communication and learning. But child development can be affected by screentime, so it’s crucial to consider how much tech time kids get each day. Below is a guide to help you come up with a schedule. 

Technology & Child Development

The American Academy of Pediatrics® set guidelines for how much screen time kids should have. Initially, their rules stated that two hours should be a healthy limit. Now, however, they’ve reassessed this figure. The AAP shared that babies ages 18 months and younger should not be exposed to digital media other than occasional video chatting with loved ones. The organization found that kids ages two to five should have less than an hour a day while parents can make individualized decisions for children ages six and older based on their own personal child development stages. This means kids who are using the web to learn and expand their education in a useful way may benefit from additional screen time.

child development

Using Technology Productively

When used in productive ways, having access to technology can help children gain new skills, knowledge, and abilities. For example, online programs that teach them how to count and read can prove useful in preparing toddlers for formal schooling. 

The AAP notes that kids should watch only high-quality programs while under supervision. This means parents are in charge of what their kids watch to ensure the content is appropriate. Child development happens naturally, but in a world where the internet provides access to billions of websites at the click of a button, your kids may come across content, they aren’t ready for. This is why supervision is key. 


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