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3 Helpful Tips for Accessorizing With Bracelets June 13, 2018

Levittown, Hempstead
3 Helpful Tips for Accessorizing With Bracelets, Hempstead, New York

A precious object of ancient origins, the bracelet has been donned for thousands of years to draw eyes to the wrist as a defining symbol of femininity. Today, a bracelet from a high-quality jeweler is one of the most versatile pieces a woman can own. If you want to incorporate this band of beauty into your outfits, the custom jewelry team at Nuha Jewelers in Plainview, NY, shares a few tips, below.

Jeweler’s Guide to Adding Bracelets to Any Outfit

1. Office

Fashionable workwear is about balancing style with subtlety. When adding a bracelet, consider a piece that is eye-catching, but not distracting. Opt for a few thin bangles or a diamond jewelry watch that blends style with function. A recent trend is accessorizing with gold or silver cuffs, which gives the illusion of stacked bracelets without the clunk or noise.

2. Nighttime 

jewelerBeautiful bracelets dress up any outfit. Jazz up a little black dress and solid-colored heels by stacking bracelets with different patterns. Mixing metals with diamonds or pearls in complementary colors adds a unique flair to any look. However, jewelers recommend not using multiple metals or stacking more than three.

3. Weekend 

Daytime casual scenes are perfect opportunities to incorporate trendy bracelets into an outfit. Pair a bracelet with a cute design or bold pattern with a maxi skirt for a bright, springy vibe. Or, add a structured cuff with faded jeans for a cool, yet sophisticated look.

Find the perfect bracelet for every outfit at Nuha Jewelers in Nassau County. This jewelry store has spent the past 27 years helping clients select pieces they’ll love for a lifetime. If you’ve decided to part with a piece of jewelry, their professional jewelers also help exchange diamonds for cash. View their beautiful inventory online or call (516) 931-3700 for more information.

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