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Celebrate a Milestone Year With Anniversary Flowers April 12, 2018

Midtown East, Manhattan
Celebrate a Milestone Year With Anniversary Flowers, Manhattan, New York

Staying in a committed relationship for years is not always easy—so when your anniversary rolls around, it’s worth celebrating! While most people know their partner’s favorite flowers, few know they can further personalize the event by choosing stems that represent the anniversary year. With a bit of insight and some help from your local florist, you can choose anniversary flowers to mark the milestone of your commitment to love. 

3 Anniversary Flowers to Give to Your Loved One 

1. One Year

anniversary flowersSo you’ve made it through the first year with the person you love. Congratulations! One year together is certainly reason to celebrate. Traditionally, a one-year anniversary is marked by carnations. This delicate, whimsical flower represents young love and the joy the future promises. If you are looking for the right anniversary flowers to mark this special day, choose a bouquet of white, pink, or red carnations. 

2. 10 Years

A full decade of love, honor, and respect is a major accomplishment. When it comes time to show your partner how much you care, opt for daffodils. These cheerful, yellow flowers are indicative of the simple pleasures in life, which are made that much sweeter by a companion. Daffodils look lovely in a vase, and are equally stunning when planted in a garden. Whether you surprise your partner with a hearty bouquet or plant them outside your bedroom window, this floral gift will bring a tender touch to the anniversary. 

3. 25 Years

A longstanding, 25-year relationship is usually connected to the iris—a tall, purple flower with a bright yellow pupil in the center. Irises look stunning in a slim, elegant vase and represent the dignity of a long, happy marriage. Your partner will love the correlation between this regal flower and your precious, intimate connection. 


Are you celebrating another year with the person you love in New York, NY? You’ll find the most vivid anniversary flowers in town at Madison Avenue Florist Ltd. This family-owned and -operated business is focused on providing healthy, vibrant stems for every occasion, and they will help you choose the bouquet that means the most to the recipient. If you want to earn bonus points with your partner, add a fruit basket or greeting card to round out the gift. Visit them online or call at (212) 319-0242 for more options.

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