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3 Tips for Pre-Planning a Funeral April 11, 2018

Flatlands, Brooklyn
3 Tips for Pre-Planning a Funeral, Brooklyn, New York

Putting together a funeral or memorial service is one of the most difficult and detailed events to plan for, which is why many people opt to pre-plan their own service ahead of time. Pre-planning a funeral helps to sort through logistical and financial details before you pass away, leaving your family and friends with little else to do aside from grieving and supporting one another at the time of your passing. While the topic is not always comfortable to discuss, pre-planning will give you comfort and peace of mind knowing your service fits your preferences and is already paid for. 

3 Tips to Keep in Mind While Pre-Planning a Funeral Service

1. Design the Ceremony

For many, the appeal of pre-planning a funeral is designing the ceremony to fit their personal preferences. While working with your trusted funeral home, you can discuss details like whether you prefer a traditional burial or cremation, casket and urn styles, event specifications (do you want a formal ceremony, a wake or a celebration of life?). This is also the time to discuss personal touches, like the flowers you’d like and any music that holds special meaning. 

2. Designate Funds

funeralOnce you’ve determined what you would like the funeral service to entail, you can work with a funeral director to work out the financial details. They will give you an accurate estimate, so you know how much the ceremony will cost, allowing you to write out checks or even pay for the services upfront. Ironing out monetary details before your passing will allow your family to find some relief in knowing their only job is to focus on healing, instead of scrambling to find the money to pay for the event.

3. Discuss Other Events

For many families, a single-service funeral event is not enough to honor the life and legacy of the departed. If your family appreciates spending some quality time together, you might consider planning another event after the formal funeral. Whether you opt for a celebration of life at the funeral home or decide on a simple family dinner following the burial, this is your chance to ensure your loved ones have the time and space to mourn peacefully together. 


If you’ve thought about pre-planning your funeral service in Brooklyn, NY, contact the professionals at Tri State Direct Cremation. The gentle and compassionate team will make every effort to help you navigate the pre-planning process as comfortably as possible, answering all questions and addressing concerns along the way. No matter which type of service you plan, you’ll be met with respect, dignity, and honest, affordable prices. Reach out online or via phone by calling (347) 470-1515.

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