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How Martial Arts Training Benefits From Proper Balance April 10, 2018

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How Martial Arts Training Benefits From Proper Balance, Scarsdale, New York
When learning and practicing martial arts, balance is an invaluable component. Maintaining proper stances provides a stable foundation for executing kicks and punches and preventing falls. How can you form impeccable balance needed to master your training, though?

3 Ways to Improve Balance in Martial Arts

1. Build Agility

One effective way to improve balance is strengthening your legs. Try hopping on one leg from one designated point to another. This simple technique builds strength and agility in the leg muscles, which provides a stronger center of balance. Give equal time to each leg.

2. Use Balance Equipment

martial artsThere are a range of tools designed to master balancing. For instance, balance pads are made from foam and cause the feet to descend slightly on the platform. The sinking movement helps you get used to the feeling of instability so you can learn to adjust the body toward optimum balance. Other tools that work in similar ways are Bosu balls and wobble boards.

3. Incorporate Stretching Exercises

Being flexible allows you to maintain balance, and there are numerous stretching exercises to help. The stork stance is a common technique used by standing on one leg for an extended period. It stretches the body's core, which gives you a strong center of gravity needed to hold your balance. Knee hugs extend muscles in the lower back and hamstrings to provide you with a stronger base. Sitting on the floor, expanding your legs out horizontally, and reaching towards your toes also improves flexibility in the ankles and legs.
Along with good balance, a knowledgeable instructor is imperative in martial arts training. 914 Training Center in Scarsdale, NY, offers a wide variety of classes, including jiujitsu, Krav Maga and muay thai. Students can take beginning, intermediate, and advanced level courses, all under the guidance of esteemed martial arts professionals. To learn more, call (914) 437-5353 and a friendly instructor will gladly answer your questions. Visit their website for extensive information on available classes and schedules.
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