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4 Reasons to Choose LVT Click Vinyl Flooring Over Laminate May 11, 2018

Barnesville, Belmont
4 Reasons to Choose LVT Click Vinyl Flooring Over Laminate, Barnesville, Ohio

While laminate used to be the most popular option, more people are now installing LVT click vinyl flooring because of its wide range of benefits. You can find a wide selection of styles and options at Flag Floors of Barnesville in Ohio. They have served area residents for more than 30 years, and here, they explain why vinyl flooring is a fantastic choice. 

4 Advantages of LVT Click Vinyl Flooring

1. Easy to Install

If your current floor is smooth, flat, and structurally sound, you could install the vinyl right on top of it. Because there’s no need for removal, the project is simple enough for DIY-inclined homeowners to complete themselves. Even if you hire a professional, you can trust the work will be done quickly. 

2. Low Maintenance

vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring doesn’t scratch or stain easily like some other materials. You can move furniture around and spill things without worrying about causing permanent damage. Better still, on the rare occasion a section is beyond repair, all you have to do is remove that piece and stick a new one down in its place.

3. Comfortable

Not only will vinyl flooring never warp or start to creak, but it also doesn't get cold when the temperatures drop, increasing your comfort. It’s a quiet material with insulation that keeps it warm, and it’s completely water resistant. Even when it’s wet, it offers good traction, giving you peace of mind you won’t slip and fall.

4. Affordable

The initial installation cost of vinyl flooring is low, and it requires little maintenance over time. All you need to do is wash it each week with a low-cost mop and some soapy water in a bucket. Furthermore, since you can simply replace damaged pieces, there will never be a need to pay for an entirely new floor.

Ready to replace your flooring with LVT click vinyl? The professionals at Flag Floors of Barnesville have a wide selection of vinyl flooring options. Their friendly team will be happy to help you choose the best fit for your home. They also specialize in counters and cabinets. Give them a call at (740) 425-3344, or check out their website today.