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4 Surprising Facts About Locksmith Services April 30, 2018

Kenvil, Morris County
4 Surprising Facts About Locksmith Services, Kenvil, New Jersey

Your locksmith holds a potentially life-saving position; whether you experience a lockout in the middle of the night or need lock repairs to help keep unwanted visitors out, this go-to professional keeps yourself and your property safe. The job requires skill and experience as many lock-related tasks are far from simple. Such a valuable position has to hold its secrets, right? Learn about four surprising facts that your locksmith knows.

4 Facts Your Locksmith Knows

1. A Double-Cylinder Lock Could Save Your Life

Not all door locks are created equal. You need a high-security option that keeps burglars at bay. Even a thumb-turn deadbolt can be messed with; all a potential intruder needs to do is stick a hand in and turn. For the most security, choose a double cylinder lock. This type requires a key from the inside, so burglars will be unable to make their way indoors. 

2. Those Keys That Say “Do Not Duplicate” are Duplicated All the Time

You might think those “do not duplicate” keys are impossible to copy, but that’s far from the case. These are nothing but ordinary keys; a hardware store can replicate them quickly, so intruders can access even “secure” residences quite simply. Try high-security locks as they include keys that can never be copied. When only you and fellow residents have access to your property, you’ll experience a sense of relief. 

3. If Someone Moves, Always Have Your Locks Rekeyed

Whether an old roommate is moving out or a romantic affiliation has come to an end, always have your locks rekeyed. Regardless of the situation, you never know who could have copies on hand. Thankfully, rekeying removes this worry entirely. If someone comes by with a copy, their old keys will no longer work in your locks, so you can breathe easy knowing that past residents no longer have access.

4. Cheap Locks are Easy to Defeat

locksmithThe same rule applies to anything: you get what you pay for. Cheap door locks are no exception; they’re mass-produced at low standards, which is what makes them so widespread and simple to find. This also makes it easy for others to fiddle with them, especially experienced intruders. When shopping for locks, never turn to a big-box store — all locks should have a grade two or higher.


Your locksmith is a valuable professional who assists with a wide range of security services, keeping your property safe from theft and invasion. When you need assistance, Able Security Locksmiths, in Kenvil, NJ, will spring to the rescue 24 hours a day. From lock repairs to car key services, rekeying, and installing window guards, there’s no job too big or too small for these experts. Visit their website and Facebook to learn more, or call (973) 584-3033 to speak to a representative. 

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