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Dog Training Specialists Share 3 Activities to Enjoy With Canine Companions This Spring April 11, 2018

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Dog Training Specialists Share 3 Activities to Enjoy With Canine Companions This Spring, Defiance, Missouri

Spring is here, which means many pet owners will enjoy more quality time with their canine companions in the great outdoors. According to the team at Sorenson Kennels, a dog training and pet boarding facility in Defiance, MO, there are several activities to incorporate into your time with your pooch this spring to improve their emotional and physical well-being while strengthening your bond. 

Dog Training Pros Share 3 Springtime Activities for You & Your Pooch

1. Create an Obstacle Course in the Yard

Defiance-Missouri-dog-training (2)Although your dog will love running and jumping in the yard, you can help improve their agility by creating an obstacle course in the open space. Gather lawn chairs, cardboard boxes with holes in the tops and bottoms, hula hoops, and additional items to create fun obstacles for the animal to safely jump over, crawl through, and run around. Many pet supplies stores also carry pre-made obstacle courses. 

2. Plan an Outdoor Dining Experience 

Many restaurants begin opening their patios and sidewalk seating areas in spring so patrons can enjoy open-air dining in the warmer weather. Before you head out for a meal, call ahead to see if you can bring your dog along. Many restaurants are dog-friendly when you take advantage of outdoor dining—your pooch will love people-watching and taking in the new surroundings as you eat. Make sure to bring along their dog dish and food so they can also enjoy a meal.  

3. Have Fun With Sprinklers

This backyard activity is great for mid and late spring, when temperatures start to get hotter. After long walks, hikes, and trips to the dog park in the heat, running around at home in the sprinklers will leave your dog refreshed. Running or chasing after you in the cold water will also bring down the animal’s internal body temperature and cool them off. If you sneak in some soap for a quick lather, they’ll also be clean before they even know it!    

If you need professional dog training and at-home tips to improve your pet’s behavior or a clean, safe place for them to stay while you’re out of town, trust the professionals at Sorenson Kennels to be of assistance. To learn more about the obedience classes and boarding services available in Saint Charles County, call (636) 828-5149 to speak with a representative. Visit the facility online to discover how their dog training sessions will improve the relationship you have with your pet, and like them on Facebook for announcements. 

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