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​Like-New, Green Furniture Options For The Cost Conscious Business April 22, 2015

Rahway, Union
​Like-New, Green Furniture Options For The Cost Conscious Business, Rahway, New Jersey

Conserving the environment is an issue that is important to everyone, but it is not always clear how your company or business can have a green impact while still maintaining your bottom line. Utilizing recycling programs, conserving paper usage, encouraging car pooling and using public transportation are a few popular ways your company is probably already "going green." But another cost effective and aesthetically appealing way to increase the green footprint of your office is to use re-manufactured workstations for your office upgrade or renovation.

Extra Office Interiors in Rahway are experts in re-manufactured workstations and cubicles. Their Essentially New line of office furniture is a collection of Herman Miller Action Office workstations that are re-manufactured for economic and environmental sustainability. The re-manufacturing process uses a combination of the original parts with new compatible ones. This process still allows you to customize your finished office furniture surface areas and fabrics to match your existing, or newly upgraded, office interior design.

Valuable energy and other natural resources were conserved by reusing already manufactured parts to build your like-new green furniture. This re-manufacturing process also prevents large pieces of fully functional furniture from entering the waste management system.

In addition to saving the environment, the Essentially New line of re-manufactured comes at up to a 50% cost savings to your business. With design consultations and expert installation, Extra Office Interiors makes it easy to renovate your space and lower your carbon footprint. Visit them online or call (732) 381-9774 for more information.

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