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How Hair Loss Impacts Your Sense of Self & Well-Being April 10, 2018

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How Hair Loss Impacts Your Sense of Self & Well-Being , Rochester, New York

You want to look your best, but when you’re battling hair loss, it’s often difficult to feel that your appearance meets your expectations. Though losing hair is incredibly common, many people struggle to cope with unexpected or prematurely thinning hair. The result is diminished self-esteem that can carry into the rest of your life. If you’re currently experiencing thinning hair or weighing the benefits of hair restoration services, it’s important that you understand how balding affects your psychological well-being.

Loss of Confidence

Hair LossWhen you feel great about how you look, you naturally have higher self-esteem. This confidence can help you perform better at work, make you more likely to interact with others you don’t know, and ensure that you do more of the things you love most. However, with hair loss, it’s easy to start to lose confidence. When you don’t feel good about how you look, you’re less likely to enjoy gatherings with others and more likely to spend time alone out of fear of being perceived as old or unattractive. All these negative thoughts and perceptions can lead to serious depression, taking a toll on your personal and professional life.

These feelings of insecurity are all a matter of perception. The truth is, you’re still the same person you’ve always been, even if your hairline is changing. No matter how different your appearance may be, hair loss does not mean you’re any less valuable, vibrant, and youthful than you were when you had a full head of hair.

What You Can Do

Though coping with hair loss means confronting the emotional aspects of how thinning hair or a receding hairline can make you feel, there are ways to mitigate the changes. Non-surgical hair replacement can help you regain thicker hair for years to come. Best of all, it’s a permanent solution that does not require the maintenance and upkeep of wigs, hair pieces, or weaves.


At New U in Rochester, NY, their experienced hair loss specialists understand that thinning hair can leave you feeling less like yourself. They believe that everyone should feel confident about how they look, whether you’re coping with a bald spot or just noticed the signs of thinning hair. They’ll work with you to find the best hair restoration treatment for your unique situation and budget. Learn more online and call (585) 272-7320 to schedule a consultation.

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