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Probably Oprah's next ancient Chinese herbal discovery... April 21, 2015

Double R Blvd, Reno Southeast
Probably Oprah's next ancient Chinese herbal discovery..., Reno Southeast, Nevada

At least twice a year Oprah is kind enough to send me a deluge of patients. Last time it was for her "discovery" of "lu rong," a Chinese herb that been used for at least 3,000 years as a natural herbal remedy. "Lu rong" is deer antler velvet, a kidney and liver yang tonic, which, unfortunately is so rare that it was considered an "Emperor herb." That's still the case--it's really expensive, but great to boost energy and "tonify essence."

I was combing through my herbal pharmacy in the back room trying to come up with an herbal fix for a patient's anxiety and insomnia caused by adrenal fatigue and high levels of cortisol (all this complicated by high blood pressure and high cholesterol), and I re-acquainted myself with what I'll bet is Oprah's next new herbal "must-have"--it's called "The Immortality Herb" because the area in China where it grew had the highest population of remarkably old people. No coincidence. It's a qi tonic herb that treats lung and heart, and is useful in treating asthma, migraines and peripheral neuropathy--any one of which will cause insomnia and anxiety--but it also treats hypertension and hyperlipidemia and shingles. And it's not expensive. 

Combine a good qi tonifying formula including The Immortality Herb with some acupuncture for insomnia and you address the root and the symptom of many problems--and get quick results.