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How to Select the Perfect Shampoo for Your Hair Type April 16, 2018

Honolulu, Honolulu
How to Select the Perfect Shampoo for Your Hair Type, Honolulu, Hawaii

The array of shampoos on the market can easily overwhelm anyone. Whether you’re browsing the web, scoping out the selection at your local barber, or strolling down the drugstore aisle, how can you possibly know which type will work best for you? If you’re not sure, fortunately, the savvy professionals from Men’s Grooming Salon in Honolulu, HI, can provide you with the guidance you need. When you determine your hair type, when it’s time to wash your hair, you’ll know which bottle to reach for.

Choosing the Right Shampoo: What’s Your Hair Type?


Some people produce excess oil in their scalps, whether it’s due to the product use or genetics. This can be frustrating, as the hair may appear greasy even after shampooing with a product intended for normal hair. These individuals will benefit from using a clarifying shampoo instead, which will remove built-up gunk and oil.

Fine or Thinning

Those with fine, limp, or thinning strands will benefit from a shampoo with thickening properties. Shampoos with polymers like polyquaternium 7 help plump strands by coating them with easily-absorbed nutrients. As a result, the hair will look and feel fuller.

shampooDry or Damaged

Dry, damaged, or chemically treated hair needs plenty of moisture to regain a naturally beautiful sheen. Those with dry, brittle hair will benefit from moisture-rich formulas designed for color-treated or damaged hair. Look for shampoos with conditioning agents like hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride, which will make the hair smoother and more luscious.

Curly or Frizzy

Like with dry hair, people with curly, frizzy hair also need a lot of moisture to attain a shiny, tamed mane. These individuals will benefit from using a cleansing conditioner in place of shampoo, which emphasizes nutrient-boosting ingredients and does not contain harsh detergents.

If you’re still not sure which shampoo is right for you, speak with the friendly team at Men’s Grooming Salon Sky, who are happy to meet with you and discuss your unique needs. Since 1993, the savvy barbers have provided men from Tokyo to Honolulu with the highest quality grooming services. To learn more about the barbershop, visit the website. You can also call the men’s salon at (808) 533-3233.

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