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The History of the Car Muffler  April 10, 2018

North Madison, Lake
The History of the Car Muffler , North Madison, Ohio

Automobiles have been around in one form or another for close to 150 years, and a lot has changed in that span of time. One of the more important innovations to develop over the last century-and-a-half of automotive technology is the invention of the muffler. Here, the experts of Madison Muffler and Auto, in Lake County, OH, share the history of this exhaust-silencing car part. 

Indiana Inventors

mufflerThe muffler was developed by Milton O. and Marshall T. Reeves of Indiana. In 1897, they were both awarded the patent for their invention. Prior to creating the muffler, Milton Reeves—an accomplished inventor and pioneer in automobile engineering—made one of the first American automobiles in the form of a motorcycle. To quiet the roar of the bike’s engine, Reeves engineered a prototype for the muffler, which would eventually be used on all automobiles. 

Maxim’s Research

Before the Reeves brothers patented the automobile muffler, they had a predecessor who made their historic leap forward possible. In the middle of the 1890s, Hiram Maxim, an engineer and Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate, conducted research that would later lead to both the automotive muffler and the silencer used on firearms.  

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