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What Does a Propane Technician Do for You? April 24, 2018

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What Does a Propane Technician Do for You?, West Plains, Missouri

If you hire a gas company, you might not understand what services a propane technician provides. However, when it comes to maintaining a tank at your business site or home, it’s best to have a clear understanding of what services they conduct on your property. Here’s what you need to know about what a propane technician does so that you know when you should hire one. 

3 Services a Propane Technician Provides

1. Tank Installation & Maintenance

If you have recently moved to a new residence or are having a propane tank replaced, a licensed professional will provide installation and maintenance. Your propane technician will assess where the tank will be placed and set up all of the required permits. A service crew will ultimately deliver the tank, hook up the lines, and conduct a safety inspection before starting the gas line. 

2. Turn Ons & Disconnects

propane technicianIf you need your propane tank turned on or off, this service should legally be performed by a licensed professional. Additionally, you should also contact a propane technician when you smell gas—which resembles rotten eggs or sulfur—or there is an emergency that requires a professional to assess whether or not there has been a leak. 

3. Tank & Product Sales

A licensed propane technician generally can assess the needs of a customer. They will look at your property and determine your needs, suggest specific products, and start the process of having a tank delivered and installed.


If you’re in the market for propane or gas services, it’s best to work with a trustworthy propane technician. The qualified team at West Plains Propane in Missouri specializes in assessing your gas needs and providing you with the best products on the market. Call (417) 256-3470 today to request a quote on a new propane tank, or visit their website to learn more about their services. 

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