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3 Reasons You Need an Experienced Estate Attorney May 7, 2018

Bronx, New York City, NY
3 Reasons You Need an Experienced Estate Attorney, Bronx, New York

Websites and online services often make estate planning seem relatively straightforward, but approaching these complex matters yourself can have uneven results. Without the expertise of a skilled estate attorney, your family may find your documents are not legally valid, or they may get drawn into bitter disputes if your instructions are unclear. Because this area of the legal system can be extremely complex, anyone involved in estate planning should consult a skilled lawyer.

Why You Need an Estate Attorney

1. Satisfy State Laws

Each state has strict requirements regarding whether a will is valid, who may inherit property, and what types of belongings may be included. Unfortunately, many families only find their self-prepared will is invalid only after the death of a loved one, when there is no legal recourse. Drawing upon their legal expertise, an estate attorney will ensure all your documents conform to state laws, making your wishes legally enforceable.

2. Save Money

estate attorneyWhile legal services may seem like a significant investment, attempting to plan your estate without legal help can be much more expensive. If your wishes are unclear or a provision of your documents is declared invalid, your loved ones may spend thousands of dollars and a significant part of your estate on legal expenses.

3. Resolve Complex Issues

Estate planning can be relatively straightforward, but some common situations can lead to unexpected complications. If you own a business, have a disabled family member, or have children from a previous marriage, a lawyer will anticipate problems and offer effective solutions before they cause issues for your family.


For over 40 years, Stephen B. Kaufman, P.C. has provided sound legal advice and dedicated representation to clients throughout Bronx, NY. If you’re planning your estate or updating your documents, you can rely on this law firm for peace of mind and experienced guidance. To schedule your consultation with an estate attorney, visit their website or call (718) 822-0500 today.

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