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4 Reasons to Purchase Special Event Liability Insurance May 15, 2018

Crocker Park, Westlake
4 Reasons to Purchase Special Event Liability Insurance, Westlake, Ohio

Whether you’re planning an intimate dinner or a local music festival, preparing for the unexpected can shield you and your vendors from lawsuits and expensive liability claims. Otherwise, you might be held responsible for accidental damages your employees cause, losses on the part of the venue or contractors if the event is cancelled, or injuries suffered by guests. A special event insurance policy will protect your investments from a broad range of perils.

4 Reasons You Should Buy Special Event Insurance

1. It May Be Required

Depending on the size of the venue, the staff or your vendors may require you to carry insurance as part of their contract. The venue’s insurance policy will only cover damage to the property itself and likely won’t extend any protection to you or the vendors you hire.

2. You May Be Responsible for Cancellations

insuranceIf you’re holding a ticketed event, a cancellation can be enormously expensive, even if the reasons are beyond your control. Event insurance will pay to refund your customers as well as the cancellation costs you might owe vendors.

3. Injured Guests May Hold You Liable

As the event organizer, you’re responsible for the actions of all your employees, and you may be held liable for accidents caused by vendors. If a guest is injured by falling equipment or property is inadvertently damaged, your insurance policy will cover the damages, as well as the cost of a legal defense.

4. It’s Essential if You’re Serving Alcohol

If the event involves alcohol, you may also be legally liable for any injuries or damages your guests cause after they leave. An insurance policy will insulate you from risk while allowing you to provide the refreshments the guests expect.


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