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5 Tips for Maintaining & Cleaning Your Retractable Awning April 9, 2018

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5 Tips for Maintaining & Cleaning Your Retractable Awning, East Rochester, New York

Summer is nearly here, which means you can look forward to enjoying the warm weather and sunshine in your backyard. When the heat gets to be a little too much, having a retractable awning can be convenient. But what kind of care and maintenance do these awnings need? Below, Patio Enclosures in East Rochester, NY, shares some ways you can keep your awnings beautiful and functioning at their best throughout the warmer months.

How to Care for Your Retractable Awning

1. Clean It

Cleaning such a large cover may sound like a big job, but it’s a quick and simple task. Spray your awning down with a garden hose every month and allow it to dry completely before retracting. If it’s still dirty, add in a mild soap.

2. Keep It Dry

IRetractable Awningf an extended awning collects rainwater or heavy dew, that moisture can cause discoloration or stretch the fabric. Worse yet, it can provide a prime breeding ground for mold and insects. To protect your family and your new retractable awning, retract it before bad weather hits.

3. Keep Vegetation Away

Keep vegetation trimmed a few inches away from your retractable awning. Not only can creeping vines restrict its operation, but some plants give off chemicals that can damage both the fabric and mechanism.

4. Operate It Properly

Operating your retractable awning properly is also essential to its care. Whether you’re extending or retracting your awning, handle it gently. For best results, the fabric should roll and unroll from the top of the tube.

5. Check Frames for Rust

Even with all your preventive measures, problems can still happen. Check your awning’s frame for rust regularly and gently scrape it off. Keep an eye out for other issues too, like a jamming mechanism or mold growth.

Retractable awnings provide an affordable and versatile way to enjoy your backyard throughout the summer. If you’re considering investing in one, the professionals at Patio Enclosures can help. They also install gorgeous sunrooms, window awnings, and glass roofs. Call (585) 385-9999 to schedule an estimate or visit their website.

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