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5 Important Qualities to Look for in an Optometrist April 10, 2018

Forest Hills, Queens
5 Important Qualities to Look for in an Optometrist, Queens, New York

On average, eye exams are a simple experience: You take a few tests and, if necessary, update your prescription. But, while these evaluations are fairly routine appointments, the quality of care you receive can vary depending on the optometrist you choose. To ensure you have the right specialist at your side, here are a few qualities to look for in a professional.

5 Characteristics of a Good Optometrist

1. Professional Experience

Check that your optometrist is board certified. These credentials ensure the provider you choose has completed the necessary educational requirements and demonstrated their ability to properly care for patients.  

2. Positive Reputation

You may only schedule eye exams once a year, but it’s still important to have a provider that you feel comfortable with. To this end, it’s helpful to consider all recent patient testimonials. If they have a solid rating, you can expect to receive the same level of care during an appointment.

3. Kid-Friendly

diabetesWhen you’re a parent, your schedule is hectic. As such, it’s inconvenient to have to make several appointments with different eye care providers. Instead, choose a family-friend optometrist who can examine you and your children within one easy session.

4. Comprehensive Testing Services

Although eye exams are designed to assess vision, they are also a good time to check for ocular diseases—such as glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, and retinopathy caused by diabetes or high blood pressure. Optometry clinics equipped with a full suite of advanced testing tools provide a more thorough review, identifying potential problems and treating them early.

5. Fair Pricing  

Most patients prefer to avoid high medical expenses. To avoid exceeding your budget, choose an optometrist known for fair and affordable services. While you should always compare rates, it’s also important to check that the provider accepts your insurance, including Medicaid and Medicare if you are enrolled.


If you’re searching for an affordable optometrist in the Queens, NY, area, turn to the specialists at Medex Diagnostic and Treatment Center. As part of a full-service medical center, the optometry clinic is supported by skilled professionals and advanced resources that allow patients to receive optimal vision care. To schedule an appointment today, call (718) 275-8900. For regular news, tips, and updates, follow the team on Facebook.