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3 Convincing Reasons to Install a Retaining Wall  April 10, 2018

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3 Convincing Reasons to Install a Retaining Wall , Saratoga, Wisconsin

Your property is one of the most valuable investments you own, and it’s important to prevent potential hazards and enhance your curb appeal with the proper preventative measures. Retaining walls have many essential functions and can prevent numerous damaging problems from occurring, and they are a beautiful addition to any yard. Whether you’re simply looking to add some visual interest to your property or your lawn could use some revamping, consider installing a retaining wall. 

3 Ways Retaining Walls Benefit Your Property

1. Prevent Erosion & Flooding

If you have any hills or slopes in your yard, it’s likely that rain causes erosion and possible flooding in certain areas. Having to constantly move soil around due to erosion and runoff can get tiring and costly, and retaining walls are an excellent solution to help prevent erosion and keep flooding at bay. They will protect both your lawn and your home from extensive damage.

2. Aesthetically Appealing

Aside from being a viable preventative measure, a retaining wall is also a striking accent to your property. There are numerous types of materials you can choose from, and you can select colors and features that enhance the other elements in your yard and that match the style of your home.

3. Functionality

retaining wallsRetaining walls are functional for various reasons; aside from saving you the money and effort involved in dealing with erosion and flooding, they also increase usable space in your yard by evening out steep slopes and keeping soil contained. They also provide a perfect plot of soil to plant various flowers, grasses, and plants. 

If you understand the benefits of retaining walls and want to have one installed, find a company you can trust to get the job done right.  For 27 years, DCM Landscaping LLC & Total Lawn Care in Nekoosa, WI, has offered services including lawn mowing, grass installation, lot cleaning, edging, lighting services, and backhoe services. For more information, visit their website or call (715) 325-5548 to get a free estimate.

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