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How a Construction Contractor Removes Underground Storage Tanks April 2, 2018

Independence Park, Anchorage
How a Construction Contractor Removes Underground Storage Tanks, Anchorage, Alaska

Whether you’re striving for a healthier environment or a higher property value, some underground storage tanks need to be removed. The process, however, should never be considered a DIY project. Always hire a construction contractor to remove the vessel for you. Here’s how a professional will complete the task.

3 Steps to Underground Storage Tank Removal

1. Locate the Tank

To remove an underground storage tank, the construction contractor must first locate it. This is a relatively simple process that can be completed with a metal detector, radar, or magnetometer sweep. 

Once the location has been determined, the contractor can create a specific excavation plan depending on a number of factors. The size of the tank, surrounding features—such as fences, rocks, and shrubs—and proximity to a home can all change the plan of attack.

2. Excavation & Cleaning

After the tank is fully exposed, the construction contractor will thoroughly clean the vessel to prevent contamination. If explosion is a possibility, the technician will swap the oxygen inside the tank for a non-combustible gas such as carbon dioxide or nitrogen.

All liquid and residue must be removed before the tank is delivered to a recycling or processing plant. Once clean, the construction contractor will inspect the container for leaks and other damage. This step is crucial in determining the testing that will be conducted on the surrounding area.

3. Collection of Soil Samples & Testing

constructionIf any of the nearby soil was contaminated during the tank’s excavation, the construction contractor will collect tainted materials and dispose of them in an eco-friendly way.

Regardless of contamination during the excavation process, soil samples will be taken from the area and tested to rule out other hazards to nearby residents. If there are water sources nearby, they will also be inspected for dangerous particles.


Need a tank removed from your property? Turn to Marsh Creek of the Anchorage, AK, area, with regional offices in Nampa, ID, and Dixon, CA. With a full team of experts who specialize in environmental construction, energy systems, and telecommunications, the company performs top-tier work for a wide range of projects. For more information on underground tank removal, call (907) 258-0050 or visit the website today.

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