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Why You Should Choose Climate-Controlled Storage April 5, 2018

Wilmington, New Hanover
Why You Should Choose Climate-Controlled Storage, Wilmington, North Carolina

Perhaps you are moving and need a temporary self-storage unit to house certain items. Or, maybe you want to place a particular collection in storage until further notice. Whatever your reasons for needing extra space, consider climate-controlled storage over a traditional unit. Climate-controlled storage spaces typically maintain temperatures between 55 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the season.

How You Will Benefit From Climate-Controlled Storage

No Temperature-Related Damage

Climate-controlled storage units protect a wide variety of sensitive items from extreme temperatures. Wooden furniture and woodwind instruments, for example, shrink and expand in response to temperature fluctuations. Humidity is an issue as well, as it promotes condensation and rust inside electronic items. Overly humid temperatures also contribute to premature warping, rotting, and cracking. Temperate storage units sidestep these problems to preserve the things you love.

Optimal Air Circulation

climate control storageStale air does not contribute to the longevity of stored items. In fact, it frequently gives them a distinct odor, requiring you to air the belongings out before further use. Climate-controlled storage facilities eliminate this issue by providing optimal air circulation. They use vents and fans to move fresh air through all of the units without having to open the doors.

Extra Protection Against Dust, Dirt, & Pests

Many traditional units are outdoors and do not have the sealing to keep out dirt, dust, rodents, and insects. Climate-controlled units are often contained within larger storage facilities to protect items from contaminants and critters. These buildings are also well-insulated to maintain the integrity of sensitive belongings and keep out unwanted pests like mice and silverfish.


Climate-controlled storage units are available at Leland Self Storage in Brunswick County, NC. This premier facility serves the Greater Wilmington area and is one of the only storage options in the region providing climate control. Call (910) 399-4719 today to receive your first month free, and visit the website for more information. Follow the self-storage center on Twitter for helpful tips.

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