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How a New Boiler System Helped Abigail Adams Middle School April 6, 2018

Boston, Boston, MA
How a New Boiler System Helped Abigail Adams Middle School, Boston, Massachusetts

The right boiler system is essential to both the safety and energy efficiency of a commercial facility. Without the right equipment, building managers could see utility costs and other expenses skyrocket—as was the case at Abigail Adams Middle School in Weymouth, MA. With the help of New England Combustion Products in Rockland, this institution received the necessary upgrades to face the future with confidence.

The Problem

Despite being a top-rated school with over 1,000 students, Abigail Adams Middle School depended on a boiler system that was over 30 years old. This system used indirect water heaters, so the school’s hot water supply required year-round boiler operation. Not only was the equipment outdated, but it was also deteriorating and far beyond its useful life span.

The Solution

boiler systemIn October of 2016, the school turned to New England Combustion Products for the installation of a new system. A solution was found in two Intellihot® iQ751 condensing water heaters. These tankless heaters use smart technology to learn hot water usage patterns and adapt to demand. This process has allowed the school to reduce their energy consumption by 40%, and costs continue to fall each month.

Another key benefit of the upgrade was the equipment’s reliable design and reduction in size. Built-in redundancy reduces the need for maintenance and the risk of failure, easing the burden on the school’s facility managers.

Whether you need a new boiler system or other combustion products, you can depend on New England Combustion Products to provide high-quality equipment for your facility. Since 1976, their customized solutions have helped countless clients accomplish their goals. To learn more about their combustion equipment, visit them online and call (781) 337-8888 to request a quote for your commercial boiler system issue. You can also like the company on Facebook for more industry insight and updates.

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