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3 Different Locks to Make Your Business More Secure April 6, 2018

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3 Different Locks to Make Your Business More Secure, Preston, Connecticut

There’s a lot to keep in mind when running a business. To keep your valuables and information safe, you must plan how to secure the building in which your company is located. An essential step toward this is to contact a commercial locksmith and determine which locks would best protect your assets. There are a few common locking mechanisms that have proved helpful.

3 Types of Locks to Use at Your Business

1. Cylindrical Lever Locks

If your business receives a lot of traffic, locksmiths recommend placing cylindrical lever locks on your interior doors. These locks consist of handles on the inside and outside, a lock on the exterior side, and a push button on the interior. This lock placement prevents locking from the inside but allows regular entrance into the room until the key holder chooses.

2. Electronic Keypad Locks

locksmith quaker hill ctKeys can easily get lost or become duplicated so many times you forget who has access to your building. According to commercial locksmiths, an electronic lock removes this issue by designating pin codes to those with permission to enter the premises or specific rooms within the property. Whenever someone’s access has been revoked, you can easily have the code changed.

3. Electric Strike Locks

If your business needs to allow access to customers, you need special locks that will enable them to enter without a key or pin code. An electric strike lock lets visitors come inside your store or company freely. You can easily lock up at the end of the day by swiping a scan card. Locksmiths also state that you can make these locks simpler to use or more secure by combining them with other popular options, like a panic bar or a keypad.


When securing your business, be sure to hire an experienced commercial locksmith who knows which locks will best keep your property safe. A Scalia Lock & Key, in Quaker Hill, CT, is the trusted company who have been helping companies with door lock repair, replacement, and installation for over 24 years. For a free quote, call them at (860) 444-6822. You can also visit their website to learn more about their services.

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