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How Alaska's Construction Experts Promote Safety In Every Job April 24, 2018

Independence Park, Anchorage
How Alaska's Construction Experts Promote Safety In Every Job, Anchorage, Alaska

Whatever the size of the job at hand, safety should always be paramount in all aspects of construction. That's why Marsh Creek of Anchorage, AK, places it at the forefront from the very beginning, cultivating trust between the company and their clients through a uniquely structured set of values. For a better idea of how their commitment to safety plays into every step, from planning to debris cleanup, here is an overview of the essential values of their program. 

The Safety Values of Marsh Creek

There are no compromises made when it comes to the work performed both on and off project sites. Marsh Creek’s management takes direct action to support, fund, and promote these values from top to bottom. As a result, safety is always the first topic on the agenda in every meeting—from general project orientations to specific safety planning sessions—and the relevant expectations are communicated clearly and directly to team members. 

constructionThe safety culture at Marsh Creek is continually reinforced with a thorough training program. This method of preparation and education isn't just limited to Marsh Creek employees, though. All subcontractors are also made aware of safety expectations, and everyone involved in a construction project is encouraged to stop work the moment their well-being, or that of others, comes into question. Raising and promoting the culture across the board is the best way to ensure every point of the operation complies with appropriate guidelines while effectively protecting everyone involved.

Safety is an individual's responsibility, but it takes a collective effort to establish flexible and clear plans for an entire team. When regulations start at the top and travel down through the entire workforce, it's much easier to maintain a consistent standard of excellence. As a result, Marsh Creek has developed many long-term working relationships and stays safe while keeping all construction projects within the projected budget and timeline. 

Considering all the complicated factors at play, from design to building demolition, finding the right construction company to work with can be a challenge. Safety and quality will always lead the charge, and you'll find both these qualities when you team up with Marsh Creek for your next project. In addition to their Anchorage location, they have convenient regional offices in Nampa, ID, and Dixon, CA. Call them at (907) 258-0050 to schedule a consultation and visit their website for more information about what they do.

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