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4 FAQ About Bees, Wasps, & Other Stinging Insects April 6, 2018

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4 FAQ About Bees, Wasps, & Other Stinging Insects, Dothan, Alabama

As the weather warms, it’s time to start planning more time outside. In addition to the destinations and activities you have planned, you need to consider the possibility of stinging pests like bees, wasps, hornets, and fire ants interrupting your outings. As Tabor Pest Control explains, getting stung can be painful, but for those with certain allergies, it can be fatal. To help, this Dothan, AL, exterminator has compiled a list of some of the most common concerns to help people better understand these insects.

Your Stinging Insect FAQ

Which Stinging Pests Pose the Biggest Threat?

Most species of wasps and hornets are more aggressive than bees. However, regarding harm, the pest doesn’t matter as much as who gets stung. For most people, a sting results in itchiness, redness, and swelling but for those who are allergic, the reaction is more severe. Known as anaphylaxis, this includes the aforementioned symptoms at higher intensities both around the sting and other parts of the body, like the throat and eyes. Hives, labored breathing, and nausea are other possibilities. If you’re unsure whether you’re allergic, ask your doctor to perform an allergy test.

How Can I Protect My Property From These Pests?

beesTo keep these insects outside, seal up any cracks or holes all throughout the property. Their size makes it easy for them to sneak in, find shelter, and start building their hives. Certain bees and fire ants nest underground, so reducing exterior clutter and debris will also help keep them away.

What Can I Do to Protect Myself?

Pollinators are drawn to objects that remind them of flowers, such as bright colors, floral-printed fabrics, and sweet-smelling fragrances. Keep your skin covered as much as possible, wear light colors, avoid patterns, and aim for unscented skin care products. Also, keep a distance from flowering plants. If you’re in an area where bugs are flying around, stay as calm as possible and walk away. Don’t try to swat a bee or wasp away, as that may end with an accidental sting.

What Can I Do if Someone Gets Stung?

If you know they’re allergic, use an anti-allergy injection pen or call for emergency medical help. Otherwise, gently clean the area, remove the stinger, and use ice to minimize the swelling. When removing the stinger, gently scrape the area to push it out of the skin; pulling it with a tweezer or squeezing it out can accidentally inject more venom from the stinger.

If you’re concerned about any bees, wasps, hornets, or fire ants, call Tabor Pest Control at (334) 793-7471. Whether it’s your home or office, they have the skills and techniques to protect you and your property. Having trouble with other pests like bedbugs or termites? As a full-service exterminator, they handle a variety of bugs in Dale, Houston, and Henry counties. To learn more, visit their website. They offer free estimates, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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