Juneau, Alaska

5 Fun Activities to Do in Juneau, AK April 19, 2018

Juneau, Juneau
5 Fun Activities to Do in Juneau, AK, Juneau, Alaska

If you’re planning a visit to Juneau, create a list of potential activities to do. There’s so much to do that you might be overwhelmed by all of the possibilities. The team at Big Jim’s Charters, the leading source for exciting fishing charters based in Auke Bay, AK, shares their suggestions for the most enjoyable experiences in the area.

5 Things to Do in Juneau

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1. Fishing Charters

Some people come to Alaska solely for fishing, which is understandable since the waters are rife with everything from halibut to chum and beyond. Big Jim’s Charters offers a variety of fun fishing charters ranging from four to eight hours. In the comfort of a warm cabin, guests explore the gorgeous waters and have the opportunity to fish no matter what the conditions may be. It’s an easy way to check out the scenery and partake in an engaging activity at the same time, whether you’re a fishing enthusiast or simply love sightseeing.

2. Mendenhall Glacier

Mendenhall Glacier is a popular tourist attraction, in large part because it’s easy to access by car. Stunning sites greet you right away—you won’t be able to resist the allure of the glossy icebergs and the Coast Mountains looming in the distance. Guests can stop by the visitors’ center to get a map outlining the glacier’s standout surroundings.

3. Glacier Gardens Rain Forest Adventure

More than just a simple garden, the Glacier Gardens show guests the true meaning of botanical beauty. Take a guided tour of the rain forest garden, learn about the ecosystem, and enjoy a ride in a covered vehicle as you explore the surrounding nature. Guests can also enjoy walk-in tours.

4. Alaskan Brewing Company

Since 1986, the Alaskan Brewing Company has been the hub for all of the state’s beers. Visitors can enjoy guided tastings that walk them through everything from the history of the company to the process of producing beer. It’s a fascinating experience for beer and culinary enthusiasts.

5. Juneau-Douglas City Museum

Take the time to drop by the Juneau-Douglas City Museum to delve into the history of Alaska’s capital city. Explore the gallery of general history, learn about Juneau’s first inhabitants, play with interactive mining exhibits, and check out the fascinating map case gallery. There are also plenty of exceptional traveling exhibits.

Nature enthusiasts and sea lovers know the first place to visit in Juneau is Big Jim’s Charters. Indulge your love for undersea life, and book an exciting fishing charter as part of your expedition. Visit the website to learn more about arranging a fishing trip, or give them a call at (866) 244-5467.

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