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The Breakdown for BattleMe April 2, 2018

Oak Park, Cook
The Breakdown for BattleMe, Oak Park, Illinois


The first month of Premium Membership is free when you sign up under Premium Membership during registration!



* Fan - If you are not an artist but are a music Enthusiast; if you love HipHop, RnB, POP, Dance, or Reggeton and want to watch Artists Battle it out to see who is the best, participate in the outcome of those battles by voting for your favorite Artist, help support Artists you like and discover new Artists, follow them on their journey and help them rise to fame, then join as a fan and have fun

* Free Artist - Artists can enjoy regular 1 on 1 battles, build up your mics. features are limited, upgrade to premium to unlock all features!                                                                      

* Premium- The first month of premium is free when you sign up and register under premium membership. all features are unlocked for premium members. 

       access to cash battles

       access to tournaments

       sell your music

       be placed in top 100 lists

       if it has to do with money, you have access to it!                        



* This is where you can find other artists in a particular category/genre of music to battle.

* When you sign up and register to BattleMe.hiphop you choose what categories you will be listed under and battling in, this places you in the Artist Registry under those categories/genres so that other artists in the same category/genre can find artists to battle.

* You can change or add categories anytime in the drop-down menu next to your name at the top of the page by clicking update profile and scrolling down to the bottom of the page where the categories are.

* Change or add, then click update and the changes you have made will take effect.

* You can choose and be placed in multiple categories. 



* There are 2 types of battles: Regular Battles and Cash Battles.

* Regular Battles are 1-on-1, head-to-head competitions between 2 artists. 

* In Regular Battles you can build your reputation by earning Gold Mics; the more you, win the greater the opportunity for you to be placed in the TOP 100 ARTIST list, which is displayed on the home page,  and it’s the first thing every artist and fan alike sees when they enter the website, putting the likelihood of building your rep, gaining fans, and guaranteeing that you and your craft will be in the spotlight and heard by millions of people, including record labels and industry music executives looking for that new hot breakout artist! Note: once you become a premium member you will be placed in the Top 100 lists if you rank in the Top 100.

* Cash Battles do everything that Regular Battles do for you, the difference is......you guessed it “Cold Hard CASH!”

* When you enter a cash battle, you decide what you win by putting up your desired amount of Battle Bucks to be matched by your opponent; the artist with the most votes wins the CASH! This can be 5 Battle Bucks or 500; the choice is yours and the reason behind our slogan....Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is! at BattleMe.hiphop where this is literal, and we take it seriously!

* To make Cash Battles even more lucrative for you, we added a feature called (Support Your Artist), with this feature Fans can donate Battle Bucks to the battle for their favorite artist to show their Luv and support!

* The potential for (Support Your Artist) is limitless! If you are an artist with thousands of fans, challenge another artist with thousands of fans. If only a small percentage of those fans donate a Battle Buck or 2, that 1 Battle alone can amount to thousands! If you are just up and coming looking to make a name for yourself, and you know you’re a beast, a raging lion hungry for blood, then challenge an established artist with thousands of fans and tear him apart stealing his fans and all their support winning you thousands of dollars!

* Whether you’re looking to cash in or just have fun Battling and making some money in the process, Cash Battles are where it’s at!



* Tournaments are 10 Battle Bucks to enter.

* There are 96 positions.

* When a tournament is created, another tournament cannot be created until all the positions in the current active tournament are filled.

* There is a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place; the winner of the tournament receives 500 Battle Bucks and a Platinum Mic.

* 2nd place receives 200 Battle Bucks.

* 3rd place receives 100 Battle Bucks.

* If you are the winner, you line your pockets with half a G and winning that Platinum Mic will let other artists know you aren’t to be messed with, beating out almost 100 other artists is a feat to be proud of! 



* Freestyle Battles are set up and operate differently than other Battles. When challenging another artist, you will be asked to set a time and date; this is a time that you will be available to have a Freestyle Battle. It is set up like this so that both you and your opponent can be available, as Freestyle Battles are live events.

* If the time and date do not work for your opponent, they can reject your challenge and then, send you a return challenge with a time and date that works for them.

* Freestyle Battles are Live. This means when the Battle takes place anyone who is on the Battle page will hear your battle in real time. The Battle will be recorded and available on the battle page for playback for fans that were not present for the live event to listen and vote.

* There is a Freestyle Beat Library for artists to choose what beat they want for the Freestyle Battle. Only the challenger can choose the beat; each artist in the freestyle battle must pay 1 Battle Buck to lease the beat for their Freestyle Battle. 

* Note: freestyle battles are currently still in development and will be inactive until finished; ETA will be 2 weeks.



* You put a lot of time, creativity, and money into making your music videos for your songs, too much to just put them on YouTube or Facebook in the hopes that someone will view it or like it. On YouTube or Facebook, if people don’t already know you, it’s likely you won’t get many views or likes; those sites aren’t aimed or geared towards a certain crowd; they have everything under the sun on them. BattleMe.HipHop is a source just for music and people that are only interested in hearing your music and watching your videos. BattleMe.HipHop is the best platform for you to put your Music Videos on display for the world and get something in return from them, more than a view and a like. You get to have fun Battling them and matching your creativity and skills against other artists’ Music Videos and make money in the process! So, what are you waiting for; get your Music Videos to the masses on BattleMe.HipHop!



* Dance embodies HipHop, the same as rap, and is just as intense. Dance Battles have been around since long before HipHop was born and goes hand-in-hand. Dance videos are everywhere you look on the internet, social media, and tv shows. People are always looking to show off their dance skills. With BattleMe.hiphop not only can you show off your dance abilities and skills, but you can also battle other crews or solo performers across the nation and globe!



* Every genre of music on BattleMe.HipHop is made for song competition. Not just HipHop and rap, but singers as well. For singers, there are 2 categories for each genre: Originals and Covers. Not everyone can write their own songs, but they have incredible vocal talent; for this reason alone, we have created the Covers category so that your talent can ring throughout the world and be discovered!



* As an artist myself, I have come to realize the importance of having a good Singer for hooks and also, how hard it is to find one! If you’re lucky, you know someone who can sing, but for the vast majority of people, we don’t, so we have 3 options: choose someone we know that can kinda sing, which isn’t that great, do it ourselves, which doesn’t usually work out to well as we are rappers not singers, or buy a beat with a hook prerecorded, sometimes that works out nicely if the hook is generally what your song is about, but chances are there not and we have to build our songs around whatever that hook is saying. To top it off, in order to own it outright, you must purchase it at a hefty price; I have seen them upwards of $1,500. That is why we have created Hire a Singer. This benefits both the HipHop artist and the singer as well! For the HipHop artist, they have 2 categories to choose from: Male and Female; once you have chosen the gender of the voice your song calls for, you will have a library of vocals and styles of singers to choose from. Once you have found the singer you are looking for, you can hire them; the cost is $175, with 150$ going to the singer. You will be given the contact information for the singer to make the arrangements. The payment will be held by BattleMe until the delivery is made, in which case the HipHop artist that hired the singer will release payment! For singers, this is a great way to make some extra cash or possibly be a source of your sole income! Once you register as a singer, you will have a rating system of 5 Crowns; only the artists who have hired you can rate you. The more Crowns you have, the more you will be hired, and with millions of HipHop artists throughout the country in need of a good singer, that can add up to a lot of money! 



* Every time you upload a song or video to a battle, it automatically puts that song or video into your library on your profile where people can listen and buy them. You will be asked where you want to upload the song or video from, either from a file or your media library. If you have uploaded a song or video already to a battle, don’t upload it again from a file; choose it from your media library, or you will have duplicate songs or videos in your library. The Top 100 Songs and Top 100 Videos are based on likes for that song or video, so you want the likes to accumulate from that 1 song or video. Also, you don’t want your Media Library to look messy with duplicate songs.

* It’s best to just go to your Library and upload all songs and videos that you want to battle right there and pull from your media library when battling.



* You can purchase Battle Bucks from your wallet. The minimum amount you can purchase is 10 Battle Bucks. When you are ready to receive all your winnings, you can transfer your Battle Bucks to your bank account or whatever method of payment you used to purchase them.



* Anywhere you see the BattleMe Logo, if you touch it or click on it, it will bring you back to the homepage.



* Anyone can post in the Newsfeed, Artists and fans alike. The Newsfeed is a great place for Artists to post upcoming shows and events, album and song releases, product and merchandise, and generally anything they want to post!


So, what are you waiting for? Join Up and Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is @ BattleMe.hiphop 

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