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FAQs About Environmental Remediation March 30, 2018

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FAQs About Environmental Remediation , Anchorage, Alaska

Environmental remediation is a practice used to identify and remove contaminants from soil, groundwater, and surface water. It is used after isolated incidents, such as oil spills, as well as large-scale mishaps, such as water contamination following a chemical leak. As Anchorage, AK’s environmental remediation experts, Marsh Creek often encounters questions about the services they provide. Here, they have compiled and answered some of the most common ones.

5 Environmental Remediation FAQs

What Are VOCs?

Sometimes, site assessments may indicate an area has a high concentration of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. These compounds are emitted from specific solids and liquids, such as pesticides, building materials, and adhesives. They are considered toxic, as exposure can cause skin reactions, dizziness, and memory impairment.

How are VOCs Removed?

One remediation method used to break apart VOCs is thermal oxidation. The process uses high temperatures to separate the molecules in the compounds. This eliminates their dangerous properties and removes the pollutants.

What Does “RTO” Stand For?

In working with an environmental remediation team, you may hear the term “RTO.” This refers to regenerative thermal oxidizers, which are used to remove pollutants by performing purification in a combustion chamber.

What Are Some Other Types of Remediation?

environmental remediationIn addition to the methods listed above, pollutants can also be removed from soil or water through other means. Tactics such as dredging, soil excavation, surfactant enhanced aquifer remediation (SEAR), and the pump-and-treat method for treating groundwater may be used.

How Will I Know Which Method Is Best?

If it’s determined your site needs remediation services, an assessment will be performed first. This gives specialists information as to the types of pollutants present and the concentration of pollution in whichever liquid or solid is contaminated. They will then recommend the most efficient, yet thorough, remediation options based on the site’s specific conditions.

The team from Marsh Creek understands environmental remediation may be a new and unfamiliar topic for some project owners, which is why they are committed to answering any questions you may have. To discuss your needs with one of their experts, call (907) 258-0050. Or, learn more about the services these specialists provide by visiting them online.

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