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How You Can Find a Christian Business With The Shepherd's Guide Directory May 6, 2015

Towson, Baltimore County
How You Can Find a Christian Business With The Shepherd's Guide Directory, Towson, Maryland

When you want to ensure you're supporting like-minded businesses, turn to The Shepherd's Guide. This trusted Christian business directory, headquartered in Towson, Maryland, has become the nation's go-to source for finding the goods and services that align with the values of your faith. They offer both online and print business listing services, guaranteeing businesses that they will find their target audience with ease and affordability.

All businesses that sign up with The Shepherd's Guide must declare a statement of faith. This statement confirms each business's dedication to Christian principles, and their operating with a strict adherence to Biblical ethics. When you find the goods or service you are seeking, you can be confident you are patronizing a business that shares your views, beliefs, and ethical considerations.

The Shepherd's Guide recognizes the value of print advertising. Though we are regularly inundated with new forms of technology, print is still an exceptionally effective way of reaching customers; studies suggest that a significant number of consumers still use print advertisements to find the businesses they need. Print copies of The Shepherd's Guide are predominantly distributed at churches, religious organizations, and prominent Christian-owned businesses.

Online classifieds advertisements have the ability to reach a larger audience, and are easily searchable through The Shepherd's Guide website. There are several different tiers of membership when you enroll your business in The Shepherd's Guide local business listing site. These range from free website submission options that list your basic business information to premium-level membership that posts a detailed business profile.

The Shepherd's Guide is the country's leader in Christian business marketing. Consumers can find the businesses they want to support, and advertisers can locate the customers that share their values. Call (410) 821-7000 or visit The Shepherd's Guide website to search for or list a Christian business, and get connected today.

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