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3 Easy-to-Spot Signs You Need a New Roof April 9, 2018

Dardenne Prairie, St. Charles
3 Easy-to-Spot Signs You Need a New Roof, Dardenne Prairie, Missouri

Spring is known for its storms. Now is the time to bring in an expert to determine if you need a new roof. An installation will ensure your property and its occupants remain safe and dry from the season’s showers. 

A Guide to When a New Roof Is Needed 

1. Sagging

If the roof is sagging in the middle, it is likely due to severe structural issues or even the presence of water that has weakened the structure. This is a red flag that a new roof should be installed promptly to eliminate the possibility of collapse.

2. Curling or Broken Shingles

new roofYour shingles play an important role in protecting the house from debris and harsh weather. However, when they start to crack, chip, curl, or break off, it leaves bits and pieces of your home exposed to moisture and harsh sunlight. When your shingles are compromised, it causes the entire roof to age more quickly, leading to frequent repairs and costly maintenance. Rather than attempting to keep up with constant tuneups, a new roof is a better financial investment. 

3. Weakened Flashing

Flashing is used wherever there is an external component, like a chimney, skylight, or vent. The edges of the installation are secured with either cement or tar to keep moisture at bay. When the flashing begins to deteriorate, it leaves your home susceptible to water damage. A contractor can replace the flashing with a more modern metal material with your new roof.  


As a homeowner, it’s wise to familiarize yourself with situations that call for a new roof. For those in O’Fallon, MO, maintaining a safe, reliable structure is as easy as calling Comia Home Builders. Since 2001, this team of reliable custom home builders have used high-quality materials to perform meticulous installations. Specializing in roof replacement, these knowledgable contractors will go the extra mile to deliver precise results and honest prices. For more help, reach out online or call them at (314) 575-0521.

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