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Why Your Car Squeals When You Start It April 3, 2018

Loveland, Hamilton
Why Your Car Squeals When You Start It, Loveland, Ohio

Any unusual noise you hear coming from your vehicle is a cause for concern. It is an undeniable sign of something wrong with one of its components that, if left unaddressed, could eventually require costly repairs. A squealing sound as you start your car, for instance, can be caused by several issues. Ken Marcotte's Professional Auto Service, a leading auto service provider in Loveland, OH, shares some information about this tell-tale symptom.

Why Is There Squealing When You Start Your Car?

The most common reason behind the squealing noises you hear as you start your vehicle is a faulty serpentine belt. Also known as a drive belt, this component is made of reinforced, high-tensile strength cords and rubber. It provides power to devices such as the alternator, power steering pump, air conditioning compressor, cooling fan, and air pump. If the belt gets damaged, it will produce a continuous high-pitched sound while the engine runs.

Squealing can also be caused by auto servicecold weather. If you park your car outdoors, for example, the belt may get covered in moisture overnight. A cold or wet serpentine belt may slip, causing it to squeak for several seconds before it warms up and gets a good grip. If the belt looks fine and you still hear squealing, there may be something wrong with the belt tensioner, which ensures the belt is wound tightly along the system. A loose belt will struggle to get a grip on the pulley, making this unbearable noise.

What Can You Do to Resolve It?

If you see fraying or tearing on the serpentine belt, bring your vehicle to an auto service center and have the belt replaced. Replacing the drive belt is one of those car repair jobs you should leave in the hands of a professional. It has to be tightened with just the right amount of tension not to slip and not to cause premature breaking. Your mechanic will also determine if there is something wrong with the belt tensioner and replace it if necessary.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy auto service company, turn to Ken Marcotte's Professional Auto Service. This shop has provided excellent car diagnostics, tuneup, oil change, brake repair, and other services for 30 years. They have ASE-certified mechanics who have the necessary training and experience to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. Give them a call at (513) 683-7852, or visit them online for more information.

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