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How to Move & Store a Painting April 3, 2018

How to Move & Store a Painting , Anchorage, Alaska

When planning a move, there are certain valuables that need special care during moving and self-storage. Transporting a painting (or any other type of art) requires a different set of precautions since they can be easily damaged. The self-storage experts at International Self Storage in Anchorage, AK, has shared how to properly care for these fragile belongings during a move or extended stay in a storage unit.

How to Move & Place a Painting in Self-Storage

1. Wrap It Properly

To protect your painting during transportation, take the time to wrap it properly while packing. Use masking tape to place a large ‘X’ directly across any large pieces of glass, such as the frame. While this won’t prevent it from cracking, it will keep glass pieces together after an impact.

The painting should then be covered with plastic wrap to protect the frame and canvas from scratches, punctures, scuffing, and other damage. Cut a few slits in this material, so the art can breathe (especially if it will be stored). This protects the paint and can help guard against mold and fading.

Finally, use cardboard to cover the piece, and then wrap the final product in bubble wrap. All of these layers will work together to protect your painting during transportation and self-storage.

2. Handle With Care

Always let movers or helpers know when they will handle an art piece during a move. Mark the package clearly with ‘painting’ and ‘fragile’ along with special instructions such as ‘don’t stack.’ A heavy object can unintentionally be placed on a piece of art stacked along with other similarly shaped items. This can cause the canvas to tear, the glass to break, or other damages.

3. Store Correctly

self-storageKeep art pieces preserved by storing them away from prolonged direct sunlight or heated storage units. These extreme temperatures also put your painting at risk for mold growth, so choose a location that either offers climate-controlled units or doesn’t get particularly warm.

Humidity and damp conditions can also damage art pieces. Avoid placing artwork directly on concrete floors or walls, since these areas have a tendency to become damp. This means avoiding attics and basements (if storing in the home).

For more moving, packing, and self-storage advice, speak with the professionals at International Self Storage. Serving Alaskans since 1987, this storage company offers a variety of short- and long-term options for keeping your belongings safe. Learn more online or by calling them at (907) 563-3287. 

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