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Charlie Chews handmade, all natural dog treats are the healthy & organic alternative to processed dog biscuits. All ingredients are locally sourced and the gourmet dog treats are handmade in Tribeca.

Why Natural, Organic Charlie Chews Are The Best Treats For Your Dog March 27, 2014

Chelsea, Manhattan
Why Natural, Organic Charlie Chews Are The Best Treats For Your Dog, Manhattan, New York

Natural, organic Charlie Chews are not just the yummiest choice for your dog; they’re the healthiest choice too! Baked in TriBeCa and delivered straight to your favorite local pet store (or door), the dog treats made by Charlie Chews are as nutritious as they are natural. From Chihuahuas to Great Danes, dogs all across NYC are begging for flavorful and organic Charlie Chews, and owners love them too. So what makes eating Charlie Chews so great? The company, and the products, are uniquely doganic.

Charlie Chews loves being 100% “doganic,” and it’s no surprise why. The phrase is cute, but it refers to the incredibly important movement behind creating the natural dog treats. The company’s commitment to being doganic means that wherever possible, they opt for local, organic, and free-range products that have been grown in the New York area. That means that each natural, recognizable, and extra delicious ingredient is supremely fresh. Free of the harmful junk and inconsistent ingredients so often found in popular brand-name treats, Charlie Chews' products are the best choice for your best friend.

The flavors currently available from Charlie Chews include Free-Range Chicken, Free-Range Venison, Grass-Fed Cow Heart, Grass-Fed Beef Liver, and a PB & Apple Mint choice that’s vegan-friendly (for dogs that require a special diet)! No chemicals, food coloring, preservatives, or by-products to be found here; what you see is what you get from Charlie Chews. 

These natural and organic dog treats will change how you look at pet food. Order handmade Charlie Chews online today by visiting the website, and be sure to look for a list of stores that carry them in stock!