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Dos & Don'ts for Working With a Tutor May 1, 2018

Rego Park, Queens
Dos & Don'ts for Working With a Tutor, Queens, New York

Working with a tutor will provide your child with the extra support and guidance they need to excel in their studies. However, to get the most out of the time your child spends with their tutor, there are a few pointers you can give them on what they should and shouldn’t do during each session. Below, the English and math tutors at FasTracKids in Brooklyn, NY, share some advice for working with a tutor.


Prepare Specific Questions

In the days leading up to their first session, have your child compile a list of specific questions they need help with. This way, they will make the most efficient use of their time with their tutor, so they don’t waste precious minutes trying to find the right questions to ask. Also, instruct your child to always ask for clarification when necessary—they shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions more than once if need be.

Be Organizedmath tutor

Proper preparation will ensure your child doesn’t spend their time with the tutor searching for pieces of paper or trying to find an assignment. Make sure they show up to each session ready to learn with all their textbooks, notebooks, and study materials.

Be an Active Participant

Your child will get out of tutoring sessions what they put into them. To this end, they should be a proactive part of the process and actively work to engage themselves in the lessons at hand. Encourage them to take notes, ask about study tips, and attempt to solve problems on their own before going to their English or math tutor.


Avoid Studying

Few children enjoy studying, but it is an essential part of learning. Even though they're receiving some extra help in their studies, they shouldn't rely on tutoring sessions as their only preparation for in-class time. Have them continue studying and practicing when they're away from their English and math tutors.

Wait Until the Last Minute to Get Help

Most people are guilty of procrastinating at some point in their lives. However, make sure your child doesn't wait until the last minute to get the tutoring help they need. For kids, working with a tight deadline means increased pressure and stress, both of which are not ideal for learning. As soon as you or they notice an issue, get some additional help.

Expect Fast or Easy Answers

No knowledge worth having comes easily. Don't build your child's expectations up around what tutoring will or will not do for them. There likely won’t be immediate or easily-arrived-at answers; it'll take hard work and critical thinking to effectively grasp the materials at hand.

To enlist the help of an English or math tutor, turn to the team at FasTracKids. They also offer a variety of after-school programs, gifted and talented test prep classes, and preschool sessions. Give them a call today at (718) 260-8100 to schedule an appointment, and visit them online to learn more about how they will help your little one.

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