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Why Proper Technique Is Crucial to Avoid Swim Injuries April 6, 2018

Allston, Boston
Why Proper Technique Is Crucial to Avoid Swim Injuries, Boston, Massachusetts

Whether you’re a competitive swimmer or simply enjoy it for exercise, there’s no denying the many benefits this low-impact, aerobic activity has to offer. Unfortunately, many swimmers take “low-impact” to mean “injury-free,” and that’s not always the case. Without proper swim technique, you’re just as likely to become injured as runners, weight lifters, and other athletes.

Common Swim Injuries

If you have poor swim technique, you can sustain both upper and lower body injuries. Shoulder damage is common among swimmers, including rotator cuff tears, tendinitis, and more. Knee, hip, and back injuries are also common. Most of these can be prevented with proper swim technique.

How Proper Swim Technique Prevents Injuries

swim techniqueUnfortunately, swimming does not come naturally for everyone, and even those who love to swim may not be doing it correctly. They may rely on the wrong muscle groups for their strokes, and over time this can not only create muscular imbalances, but it can also lead to injury. When you learn and use the proper technique, muscles are used correctly. This prevents overuse injuries and both chronic and acute pain so you can achieve your goals in either recreational or competitive swimming.

When to Learn Correct Technique

The sooner you learn proper swim technique, the better. It’s more difficult to unlearn bad habits after you’ve been doing them for years. Children’s swimming lessons should include instructions on proper form, especially if they plan to swim competitively. Otherwise, you may need to seek out a technique-focused swim clinic or instructor.


Learning the correct swim technique isn’t easy, especially if you’ve already been swimming for several years, but taking the time to learn can prevent injuries and improve your times. At Technique Swim Academy in Boston, MA, their swim camps and clinics for kids between the ages of 7 and 16 are focused on correct form. This not only ensures young swimmers can stay injury-free, but it also helps them gain the strength and speed they need to achieve their goals. For more information about lessons, visit their website or call (617) 484-0550 to learn more.

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