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5 Stress-Free Tips for Moving With Pets April 17, 2018

Pearl City, Ewa
5 Stress-Free Tips for Moving With Pets, Ewa, Hawaii

The excitement and stress of moving affect not only you and your family but also your pets. Help your beloved animals make this transition with a few key tips to keep them calm and healthy. The team at M. Dyer & Sons in Pearl City, HI, put together their best recommendations to help you out.

How to Easily Move With Pets

1. Familiarize Yourself With Pet Regulations

If you are renting a new apartment or joining a new homeowners association, learn about any guidelines and regulations regarding pets. This includes pet ordinances, leash laws, and licensing requirements. Contact the State Department of Agriculture and the City Clerk’s office for state and local laws.

2. Talk to Your Vet

Call your current veterinarian for copies of your pet’s medical records and recommendations for vets in your new area. Ask for tips if your pet has never traveled before or dislikes it. Put your animal in the carrier before moving day to get them used to it. Also, spray the carrier with  pheromones, which will reduce nervousness and anxiety.

3. Keep Your Pet in a Safe Area on Moving Day

movingConfine your pet to a closed back room on moving day so they don’t get injured or lost as the movers work. Put a sign on the door, so everyone knows not to disturb the animal. Add food, water, and any favorite toys for them.

4. Maintain a Routine

Try to have a routine during the trip, such as feeding and walking your pet at the same time you normally would. Keep all food, dishes, toys, and other supplies with you. Secure the carrier or kennel in the car with seatbelts or other restraints for a safer, less bumpy ride.

5. Set Up an Area in Your New Home

Set up food and water dishes and place toys, bedding, and other familiar objects in the new home before the pet comes in. This makes it easier for them to learn that this is their new residence. 

The trained movers at M. Dyer & Sons are here to streamline your big day as much as possible. Make the transition easier on yourself, your family, and pet by working with this renowned moving company serving Pearl City, Honolulu, Kaneohe, Kailua, Hawaii Kai, Kapolei, and Pearl Harbor. Call (808) 456-4200 to request a quote or visit the website for a complete service list.

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