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3 Ways to Get Your Trees Ready for Storm Season April 3, 2018

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3 Ways to Get Your Trees Ready for Storm Season, Kalispell, Montana

Spring and summer are the time of year when winter cold gives way to the high winds and driving rain of storm season. These high-impact storms can result in tree damage and blow-overs, which can lead to extensive home damage and safety risks. L & M Tree Service in Kalispell, MT, is a leading provider of professional tree services. According to their team, being proactive with your tree removal, trimming, and shaping needs can help prevent storm damage down the line.

From Tree Removal to Pruning: 3 Ways to Get Your Trees Ready for Storm Season

1. Look for Signs of Damage

Weak trees are susceptible to storm damage, so look for signs of rotting in the stems, roots, and branches. Also, keep an eye out for trees with cracks or splits in the roots. These trees may be dying and prone to limb breakage or blow over. If this is the case, tree removal could be your best option.

2. Keep an Eye Out for Healthy Trees Too

tree removalEven if your trees are healthy, they can still be susceptible to storm damage if they have certain characteristics. Trees in areas with loose soil, lopsided treetops, and a lot of small branches and twigs (which creates a sail effect) are less capable of withstanding high winds. Tree pruning can help these healthy trees stand up to this type of damage.

3. Know Who to Call

Even if you’re used to taking care of your home maintenance needs yourself, it’s best to leave tree service to the professionals. Tree trimming and removal takes specialized knowledge and tools to do it correctly and safely. Call a professional arborist to assess your property, and they will determine if you need service to protect your yard.

Storm season can wreak havoc on your trees. The good news is that tree removal service doesn’t have to be a hassle. Contact the team at L & M Tree Service by calling (406) 261-7240 or visiting the website for more information on all of their tree removal and trimming services. You can also like them on Facebook for social media updates.  

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