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5 Effective Strategies for Winning Full Child Custody March 26, 2018

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5 Effective Strategies for Winning Full Child Custody, Boston, Massachusetts

Most children of divorce can benefit from maintaining a close relationship with both parents. For this reason, when it is logistically feasible, family law judges prefer some sort of a joint custody arrangement. But, if you do not think sharing child custody with your ex is in the best interests of the kids, you may seek a different outcome. According to the strategic team at the Law Offices of Robert E. Badger in Boston, MA, you’ll have to demonstrate that you are a fit parent and prove your ex is not. 

How to Win Full Custody

1. Document Your Involvement

Documenting every little activity you do with the kids may be time-consuming, but doing so could help with the custody battle. Keep a journal, and track your involvement daily, from driving them to piano lessons to cheering them on at sporting events.

2. Demonstrate Financial Stability

Courts scrutinize changes in spending and other financial conditions during contentious child custody battles. Now is not the time to switch careers or to splurge on a new couch for the living room, even if it’s something the whole family will enjoy. The court wants to see that you do not make impulsive or frivolous decisions when it comes to money and that providing for the kids is your priority.  

3. Foster Your Relationship

child custodyYour kids need you now more than ever. Regardless of how hectic or stressful the day might be, spend high-quality time with them daily. Most importantly, your kids need your support during this difficult time. Your support may also show the court how much you care about fostering a strong emotional connection with your children. Also, consider that courts often weigh teens’ preferences heavily before deciding where they will live.

4. Seek Legal Counsel

A committed parent will do anything to secure a favorable child custody arrangement. In most scenarios, that means hiring a lawyer. Seeking counsel shows the court you care enough about the pending case to turn to professionals for help.

5. Respect the Proceedings

Keep your cool no matter what happens in the courtroom. Dress appropriately for every hearing and be respectful of both the judge and the opposing party at all times. Show the judge you are not a rash, reactive person who can't handle very stressful situations.  

If you want to file for divorce or are stuck in the middle of a lengthy child custody battle, turn to the Law Offices of Robert E. Badger. Based in Boston, this firm is proud to help clients protect what matters most: their families. If you seek changes in custody or support obligations, you can rely on their team for compassionate counsel. Visit the firm online to learn more about Mr. Badger’s areas of expertise, or call (617) 963-3599 to schedule a free initial consultation today. 

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